Liberty print bandana Bib Alice in Wonderland
This bandana bib Alice in Wonderland collection is made from Liberty fabric Theo design.
We have chosen Theo design Liberty fabric  to add to our collection of Dribble bibs, It is an adorable hand drawn conversational print created by Tamara de Peon, the design incorporates flora and animals running around the fabric as if in the Caucus race.
‘ “What is a Caucus-race?” said Alice; not that she much wanted to know.’ – Lewis Carroll
This new collection is a really special one as it is completely inspired by the 150th anniversary of the first release of the classic book ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, celebrated in 2015. The collection is called ‘Pictures and Conversations’ and has so many lovely memories of the book – from images of the riverbank where Lewis Carroll first told the story and the Mad Hatter’s tea party to stunning roses reminiscent of the garden of the Queen of Hearts.
Well-known designers such as Lauren Child (of Charlie and Lola fame) and Alex Monroe (established traditional jewellery designer) have been instrumental in the new collection, which has a huge range of wonderful prints including beautiful florals, lovely tea party patterns as well as having a great sense of fun in some of the designs. One of the fabric designs was even selected by Kathryn Beaumont, the English actress who provided the voice of Alice in the Disney production.
All our bibs are handmade in our workshop. These bibs wash and wear well, and keep their shape, and so it is something that is easily passed on from one baby to the next. The bib size around neck is 32 – 34 cms, and the depth at deepest point – 14cms, so they give a good coverage.

Liberty print Bandana Bib Alice in Wonderland – Theo