The Master Herbalist SANDALWOOD fragrance SCENTED Drawer Liners in BLACK William Morris Design (ROLLED)
Beautifully designed Sandalwood Scented Drawer Liners from The Master Herbalist. 

The design is an elegant William Morris 'Pinks & Roses' in Black pattern. Each fragrant drawer liner is then gently scented with a Sandalwood fragrance. Ideal for keeping your drawer and cupboards smelling fresh and looking colourful. Perfect for all drawers, cupboards and any shelf in need of some colour and freshening scent. 

- ROLLED Gift Box of 5 SANDALWOOD Scented Drawer Liners in a classic WILLIAM MORRIS 'Pinks & Roses' Design on BLACK.

- SANDALWOOD is a classic and timeless fragrance. With a soft, earthy, warm, smooth, creamy and woody scent, it has very popular aromatic notes and is perfect for household drawers and cupboards.

- 5 SCENTED SHEETS: Largest drawer liners available by any manufacturer: 60 x 42cm (23.6" x 16.5") can be cut and folded to fit all drawers or doubled up. Perfect pattern repeat means draw liner sheets can be overlaid for larger draws and shelves. NON-ADHESIVE backing - if needed they can be fixed in place with tape or tack.

- LONG LASTING NATURAL FRAGRANCE: Our fragrances are MADE IN BRITAIN to the highest standards. Allergen free, they are formulations designed to last whilst imparting a gentle fragrance over time. PERFUME will be strong on opening but relax in the first few hours. We recommend you unpack and leave for an hour or so for the fragrance to soften

SANDALWOOD SCENTED Drawer Liners in BLACK William Morris Design