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By popular request and further inspired by the success of the Whisky & Honey range, we are delighted to introduce a luxuriant whisky-inspired Beard Oil, an opulent elixir, lavishly infused with a luxurious scent reminiscent of the finest oak-aged single malt with notes of heather honey and skin-conditioning barley. 30ml.

Supplied in a labeled brown glass bottle with a rubber-topped glass pipette for accurate dispensing. Handmade in small batches here in the Highlands of Scotland, utilising three nourishing base oils: Sweet Almond, Jojoba, and Argan. Blended with our Whisky & Honey fragrance to leave your skin and beard soft, silky, and smelling of the sweet malty tones of peaty uisge beatha.

Whiskey and Honey Beard Oil

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